In this article I will give tips on how one can create Business Dashboards in general and, specifically, utilize containers.

This article will partly be based on a workbook that I created this weekend from the Superstore dataset, specifically made for this article.

The Dashboard can be found on Tableau Public Profile as well, here, if you want to download it and see how the containers are utilized in the…

An article that investigates how and why you should utilize Salesforce data in Tableau as well as the synergies after the acquisition of Tableau by Salesforce.


The purpose of this article is to give a “Short” explanation of how to utilize the synergies between Tableau and Salesforce. As always, the Article is trying to catch things that I would have loved to know before jumping in and utilizing these tools myself.

At the end of the…

Elias Nordlinder

Data Analyst at Visma. Previous BI Consult with MSc in Economics and Finance. Love problem solving/analytics and to teach data to other people.

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